Why Zero Graze

Reduce your Contractor, Concentrate and Fertiliser costs

For many dairy farmers, the potential to maintain yield but reduce their three biggest costs – contractors, concentrates and fertiliser and as a result save on average about 5 pence or 7 cents a litre, and often more, makes Zero Grazing an extremely attractive proposition. Read More…

Profit from Fresh Grass

The Grass Tech Grazer is one of the few machines in farming that actually earns you money! Cows are designed to eat fresh grass and Zero Grazing (or Cut & Carry) is nothing new. But with a modern machine such as the Grass Tech Grazer it is the ideal solution for dairy farmers looking to maximise output from their herd and pasture, while keeping their production costs to a minimum. Read More…

The GrassTech Grazer

It’s all about strength

Because it is designed and manufactured in Ireland, the Grass Tech Grazer is designed specifically to cope with the high fresh weight of grass typically found in the UK and Ireland. Read More…

The Grass Tech Grazer is fitted with a Galfre drum mower, carried on a spring suspension system that accurately follows the ground contours and allows the cutting height to be as low as 35mm.



From the mower, the grass is gently lifted into the trailer body via a high capacity elevator that runs at just 70rpm to avoid damaging the grass.


In the yard, the rear hydraulic door and moving floor enables the Grazer to be quickly emptied. Alternatively the new Cross Conveyor allows the grass to be fed out directly into troughs or behind barriers.


Investing in a Grass Tech Grazer gives you the flexibility to make the most of your grassland, maximise output and fully utilise land that for whatever reason can’t be easily grazed.


About Us

At Grass Technology, we are not just interested in designing and manufacturing high quality machinery, but we also look to work with our customers to help you get the best return from your Grass Tech Grazer. Read More…

Customer Testimonials

“Overall, I reckon that we will be saving in the region of 7 pence per litre and I now wish that we had gone ahead with it sooner.”

“With the Grazer, because we need less silage this will save £5000 in contractor cost. Also in six months, concentrate usage was reduced by 75 tonnes, so saving around £15,000.”

“Since buying the Grazer, in six months our costs have been reduced by at least £28,000, with potentially higher savings to come.”

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