About Grass Technology

At Grass Technology, we are not just interested in designing and manufacturing high quality machinery, but we also look to work with our customers to help you get the best return from your Grass Tech Grazer.

When you invest in a Grass Tech Grazer, you are not only buying a machine, but we are also looking to build a close relationship with our customers, understand their needs and look at how we can help them achieve their objectives, both before and after purchasing.

We constantly examine feedback and monitor herd performance of our customers to see how the Grazer has worked for them and how Zero Grazing as a farming methodology can help influence profit.

"We talk cow"


Contact Us:
Grass Technology Ltd., Knocksquire, Borris
Co Carlow, Ireland
Tel: +353 (0) 59 915 7974    Email: info@grasstech.ie
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