Why Zero Graze?

Reduce costs – fact not fiction

Dairy farmers throughout the UK and Ireland who have converted to a Zero Grazing system during the spring, summer and autumn using a Grass Technology Grazer, have found that they have been able to considerably reduce their production costs and improve productivity.

By changing to a Zero Grazing system from the early Spring through until late Autumn instead of a grazing based system or feeding housed cattle silage all-year round, some of the main cost benefits users of the Grazer have been able to achieve are:

Reduced concentrate use
Cows are designed to eat grass. By feeding fresh, high quality young grass in place of silage, milk yields of 20 litres are easily achievable. By achieving a higher milk yield over maintenance and increased protein and butterfat levels, concentrate usage is reduced.
Reduced silage harvesting cost
By replacing silage with freshly harvested grass in the spring and autumn, the amount of silage made can be reduced, so saving on harvesting cost. In some cases this has also resulted in only higher quality first cut silage being needed for winter feeding, so avoiding the need for a second cut.
Reduced wear and tear on your TMR mixer
Because the winter silage feeding period is reduced, so is the wear and tear on your TMR mixer. Not only will this prolong its service life, but it will also avoid the replacement of costly wearing parts.
Improved grass utilisation
Zero Grazing dramatically increases grass utilisation. Traditional grazing results in grass utilisation of about 55-60%. With Zero Grazing this in increased to about 95% due to the lack of poaching and selective grazing. The ‘grazing’ season is also considerably extended and typically grass can be harvested from March through to November on a rotation of about 30 days.
Improved land utilisation
Compared to grazing, Zero Grazing makes far better use of your land. This means more cows can be fed from fewer acres, so allowing herd numbers to be increased, or land released for alternative cropping.
Reduced fertiliser cost
With Zero Grazing, not only is land better utilised, but due to reduced poaching damage and compaction, the sward is also improved. Fertiliser usage in some cases can be reduced, but if not then usage is maximised.

Customer Testimonials

“For every acre that we zero graze, that’s one less acre that needs to be harvested by a contractor at about £60/acre. That saving alone more than covers the annual cost of the Grazer, plus we are saving on concentrate use.”

“Our grassland utilisation is considerably increased, and gone from about 65% efficiency when grazing to nearer 90% when zero grazing, and extended our grazing season by a month.”

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